IncepSion Consultants

IncepSion Consultants Sdn Bhd is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, with an established reputation in the energy field particularly in power transmission and distribution projects worldwide. IncepSion also have experience in servicing large number of other sectors and industries, including government, commercial and residential building construction, property development, infrastructure and marine. With experience on regional projects to international infrastructure projects, IncepSion Consultants has the expertise and experience to meet the client’s requirements.


UK Power Engineers Ltd

UK Power Engineers Ltd is a UK based engineering design consultancy and recruitment company. UKPE is a group of professional engineers who design, innovate, engineer smart solutions, provide technical specialist service, plan and manage electricity power and energy projects. UKPE provide expertise to the UK and international power and energy sector.

UKPE are specialized in all areas of power transmission and distribution and provide services through all stages of project from planning, development, design and project delivery. We have the capability to extend our services to integrate with the client’s project management and design